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Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of EXPRESS Language


Parsed result of EXPRESS’s ENTITY

Intermediate output of entity_body

Attribute of an inverse clause parsed by inverse_attr

Remarks in EXPRESS input, (* ... *) or -- ...

Parsed result of EXPRESS’s SCHEMA

Entire syntax tree parsed from EXPRESS Language string

Error while tokenizing STEP input

Type declaration by type_decl.

Output of width_spec


Binary operators parsed by add_like_op, multiplication_like_op, and power_op

EXTENSIBLE and GENERIC_ENTITY keywords for select_type and enumeration_type

Output of qualifier

Relation operators parsed by rel_op and rel_op_extended

Primitive types parsed by simple_types

Parameter type appears when using the type e.g. in attribute definition, function parameter, and so on.

Unary operators parsed by unary_op